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Compare Find And Buy The Best Low Cost Affordable Blue Cross Health Insurance Hong Kong Plans 

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Blue Cross

Blue Cross Hong Kong

Blue Cross Health Insurance is insurance against the risk of incurring medical expenses for individuals and families.

We make it easy to compare and apply for Blue Cross health insurance plans, so finding and applying for a Blue Cross Health Insurance Plan has never been easier wherever you are in the world.

We offer Affordable Blue Cross Health Insurance to suite your personal circumstances.

Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited (“Blue Cross”) is a member of The Bank of East Asia Group. With over 45 years of operational experience in the insurance industry, Blue Cross provides a comprehensive range of products and services including medical, travel, and general insurance, which cater to the needs of both individual and corporate customers.

Health Insurance Guide

Health Insurance Guide

Blue Cross Medical Insurance Hong Kong

Blue Cross Medical Insurance Hong Kong as the market leading provider of Health and Medical insurance in Hong Kong we receive many enquiries from people in Hong Kong who are looking for the most affordable Blue Cross Medical Insurance in the  for themselves and their family.

Expats are more comfortable in looking for the best medical insurance from insurers outside of Hong Kong than local Hong Kong residents, as they tend to be more international in their outlook and experience.

Having the Best Blue Cross Medical Insurance is not enough of course and we also provide excellent customer service with our extremely knowable client service team who can help with advice and support on which would be the Best Blue Cross Medical insurance for you.

Affordable Blue Cross Medical Insurance

And of course we offer the most Affordable Blue Cross Medical Insurance available for you as we will not be beaten on price.

So no matter where you are in the world, and no matter what your circumstance are. We are here to help you to find not only the best and most suitable Blue Cross medical insurance for you but also the most affordable for your circumstances and plans.

Why don’t you get in touch today and judge for yourself.

We Will Not Be Beaten On Price

Blue Cross Medical Insurance

Blue Cross Medical Insurance Hong Kong

Blue Cross Medical Insurance Hong Kong protect your health your most valuable asset with a medical insurance plan that allows you and your family to receive the necessary treatment without the added financial worry. Blue Cross Super Medical Insurance Series tailored for specific age and gender groups, namely Blue Cross Super Junior, Blue Cross Super Lady, Blue Cross Super Man and Blue Cross Super Senior, to fulfill medical protection needs in different stages of life.

Plus 6 individual Health Insurance Plans Blue Cross Tycoon Medical Insurance Plan, Blue Cross Taipan Medical Insurance Plan, Blue Cross All-in-one Outpatient Insurance, Blue Cross Hospital Income Plan “Plus”, Blue Cross Major Medical Insurance Plan, Blue Cross Caring Medical Protection Plus providing a comprehensive choice Blue Cross Medical Insurance.

Blue Cross Health Insurance Hong Kong

Having Blue Cross Health Insurance can help protect you from the financial burden of medical expenses that you incur when you become ill.

With all of the different Blue Cross Health Insurance plans it can be both confusing and overwhelming.

Here is an overview of Health Insurance Plans In Hong Kong (and in general) and together with the videos you will gain an understanding of what a Health Insurance policy is together with the main features and benefits.

How much is Blue Cross Health Insurance in Hong Kong

You can request for a quote here Health Quote to get an idea of how much the premium is to get Blue Cross health insurance coverage in Hong Kong. It’s fast and easy and all you need to do is input some of your information and we will provide the illustrations for you.

And we do not charge you for our services.

Who are Eligible for Blue Cross Health Coverage in Hong Kong

Providers can provide coverage for people as young as 15 days and up to 74 years.

What are the Benefits That I Get From My Plan

There are a lot of benefits that are provided from your Blue Cross insurance plan but a basic feature of these plans is that they provide in-patient cover. This insurance coverage means that your provider will cover your Blue Cross medical expenses including room and board as well as medicines during your confinement at a hospital. Here are some of the other benefits that you can get from your plan.

Outpatient Cover: You can be reimbursed or get free medical consultation or minor procedures undertaken in outpatient care if your health insurance has outpatient cover. Some health insurance plans already provide this cover, others require you to pay extra from the basic plan to get this coverage.

Maternity Cover: Health insurance coverage for medical expenses related to the delivery of a baby.

Dental Cover: Refers to coverage for dental procedures. For personal insurance plans, this is usually an extra coverage to the basic coverage that needs to be added to the plan.

Private Rooms: The insured has the option of a private room if he or she is hospitalized.

Optical Treatment: Routine eye care benefits under the outpatient coverage of your Blue Cross health insurance. This can also refer to the treatment of eye diseases under the expat medical benefits of the plan.

Cancer Treatment: Some Blue Cross insurance plans in Hong Kong have special plans that provides coverage for treating cancer and other critical illnesses.

Vaccinations: Some plans provide deep discounts to members who choose to get vaccinated as part of their health and wellness program.

Chinese Medicine: Eligible policyholders can avail themselves of the services of acupuncturists, Chinese bone setters, and herbalists.

Surgical Fee Cover: Surgery is one of the most expensive medical procedures so Blue Cross health insurance protects the policyholder from this substantial financial cost.

These are just some of the benefits that you could get from your Blue Cross health insurance plan, here are some more.

Emergency Out Of Region Treatment Cover

Emergency Out of Region Treatment Cover

Emergency Out of Region Treatment Cover is a very important benefit that health insurance companies provide. The insurance coverage includes the costs of emergency treatments outside of Hong Kong.

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Insurance Cover

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Insurance Cover

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Insurance Cover Psychiatry and Psychotherapy conditions can also be covered with individual Health Insurance plans.

No Surgery Pre-approval Requirement

Surgery Pre-approval Requirements

Surgery Pre-approval Requirements sometimes a pre-approval is a required by the Health Insurance Company before you can undertake certain types of medical services for example surgery. When comparing  Medical Insurance providers it’s important for you to know which services will require pre-approval as different insurers have separate conditions.

Maximum Annual Insurance Coverage

What Is Maximum Annual Insurance Coverage

What Is Maximum Annual Insurance Coverage The max annual cover refers to the maximum amount of benefits in monetary terms that you can receive in any one policy year. This amount varies from insurer to insurer so when you are Comparing Medical Insurance Plans its a very important consideration.

Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions insurance cover policyholders to make a claim from the Blue Cross Insurance Company for the costs of getting treatment for a pre-existing medical condition, usually after a specified period of time.

Surgical Insurance

Surgical Fee Cover

Surgical Fee Cover is one of the main benefits to having Blue Cross Health Insurance. Surgical procedures can be very costly and can be a huge financial burden for anyone who needs to undergo surgery. The amount of Surgical insurance is known as the Surgical Fee Cover.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic Conditions

Chronic Conditions refer to medical conditions that are reoccurring  for example asthma and eczema, arthritis, diabetes, epilepsy, and glaucoma, all of which have no known cure–only treatments for alleviating symptoms.

Excess Payments

Excess Payable

Excess Payable is where you agree to pay a certain amount towards your Blue Cross Medical Insurance expenses, should you ever make a claim on your insurance. This reduces the cost of your heath insurance.

Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Evacuation Cover

Emergency Evacuation Cover provides insurance for medical treatment in case the local hospital cannot offer the medical services required. You will be transported to a medical facility that can treat you. This is an important feature and benefit of Health Insurance Coverage.

FREE Blue Cross Health Insurance Quotes

Hong Kong has world-class medical facilities and services.  Make sure you have the right Blue Cross health insurance coverage so you can access the best health care in Hong Kong while protecting you from the financial burden associated with medical treatment.

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It’s completely FREE and it only takes just a few minutes to fill out the form with your information to receive your FREE Blue Cross Health Insurance Illustration.

Remember We Will Not Be Beaten On Price We Guarantee To REDUCE THE COST Of Your Blue Cross Health Insurance* Or We Will Give You 50 HKD Cashback

Please note: We do not charge you for the services that we provide.

* Applies to NEW and Existing Individual Insurance Policies. On like for like Financial Services and Products. Applies to Hong Kong residents only.

Looking For The Best Blue Cross Health Insurance Plans

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